NBC San Diego - Suspected Sudden Acceleration kills 4 in San Diego

www.suddenacceleration.com Four people died Friday (August 29, 2009) when a Lexus sedan lost control on the highway, crashed near Mission Gorge Road in Santee and burst into flames.

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Toyota driver's last 911 call
Relatives mourn the death of Chris Lastrella and his family in a fatal car accident after the accelerator pedal jammed.

NASA Clears Toyota in Accidents
Engineers from NASA took part in a 10-month investigation into cause of unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles and found that electronics were not to blame. Dean Reynolds details all the findings of the long-awaited report.

Fatal crash blamed on pedal
Before the Toyota recall, a family was killed when the accelerator stuck in their Lexus rental. CNN's Deborah Feyerick reports.

Runaway Car kills CHP Officer and Family - San Diego 6 News Story (Sudden Acceleration)
www.suddenacceleration.com The victims of a crash apparently caused by a stuck accelerator in a car loaned by an El Cajon dealership were positively identified Monday as an off-duty CHP officer, his wife, teenage daughter and brother-in-law.