NBC San Diego - Suspected Sudden Acceleration kills 4 in San Diego

www.suddenacceleration.com Four people died Friday (August 29, 2009) when a Lexus sedan lost control on the highway, crashed near Mission Gorge Road in Santee and burst into flames.

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NASA Clears Toyota in Accidents
Engineers from NASA took part in a 10-month investigation into cause of unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles and found that electronics were not to blame. Dean Reynolds details all the findings of the long-awaited report.

Toyota driver's last 911 call
Relatives mourn the death of Chris Lastrella and his family in a fatal car accident after the accelerator pedal jammed.

4X Fatal SR125 At Mission Gorge Rd 08/29/09
A Very Tragic 4 Person Fatal Accident. Please don't quote me but this is to the best of my knowledge what happened. CHP dispatch received a call from one of the occupants that the accelerator was stuck and the vehicle was still accelerating. The phone connection was then lost. The vehicle clipped the rear end of another and then crossed Mission Gorge Rd hitting a berm then going airborne and burst into flames. The speed was estimated by witnesses as being in excess of 100 MPH when the car left the end of the freeway. One of the occupants turned out to be a 20 year veteran of the CHP. The other occupants were his wife, daughter and brother-in-law. The Car turned out to be a Lexus service loaner. At this point no one knows why or if there was time to take evasive action to stop the out of control car. I do not know at this point who was driving the Lexus. I was called well after the accident to get footage for a local TV station.

Lexus Sudden Acceleration
Sudden Acceleration on the highway in my 2007 IS250.