NBC San Diego - Suspected Sudden Acceleration kills 4 in San Diego

www.suddenacceleration.com Four people died Friday (August 29, 2009) when a Lexus sedan lost control on the highway, crashed near Mission Gorge Road in Santee and burst into flames.

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Toyota driver's last 911 call
Relatives mourn the death of Chris Lastrella and his family in a fatal car accident after the accelerator pedal jammed.

Runaway Car kills CHP Officer and Family - San Diego 6 News Story (Sudden Acceleration)
www.suddenacceleration.com The victims of a crash apparently caused by a stuck accelerator in a car loaned by an El Cajon dealership were positively identified Monday as an off-duty CHP officer, his wife, teenage daughter and brother-in-law.

Lexus Sudden Acceleration
Sudden Acceleration on the highway in my 2007 IS250.

Toyota recalls 4 million vehicles amid unintended acceleration problems
Last month, Toyota issued a massive recall of nearly 4 million Toyota and Lexis vehicles. The recall is intended to fix a very dangerous defect which can lead to Unintended Acceleration of the vehicle. Initially thought to be an issue with floor mats, the real problem involves the cars electronic throttle system. The recall was prompted by a high speed crash in August in California of a Lexus barreling out of control. As the vehicle hit speeds exceeding 120 mph, family members made a frantic 911 call and said the accelerator was stuck and they couldnt stop the vehicle. For more information regarding Toyota and Sudden Unintended Acceleration visit: - http://www.beasleyallen.com - http://www.rightinginjustice.com - http://www.toyota-lawsuit.com - http://www.grahamesdale-law.com Also you can follow us at: - http://www.facebook.com/beasleyallen - http://www.twitter.com/beasleyallen