AE101 Miata ITB Individual Throttle Bodies 1

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AE101 Miata ITB Individual Throttle Bodies 2
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Mazda Miata 1.6L with AE101 Silvertop ITBs
Individual throttle bodies on my 1992 Mazda Miata with a 1.6L engine. Details are available at

1.6 mx5 miata itb sprint engine for sale on ebay throttle bodies escort maybe?
This is my 1.6 ltr mazda MX5/ Miata ITB (throttle bodies from Jenvey Dynamics)sprint engine for sale on ebay at the moment, this engine and its previous Dyno figures feature on -6-tb42-throttle-body-kit-ckmz04 please note that the engine was warmed up to running temp before revving like this,

1990 Miata ITBs: Fly bys
Last video I took before selling these Throttle Bodies: Ae101 ITBs Megasquirt PNP2 BBS RM 15x9 +1 BF Goodrich G-Force Rivals 225/45/15 St. May Center Exit Exhaust Autokonextion Fender Flares Wilwood BBK Fronts Project G Fusers/Side Skirts S800 Mirrors 1993 1.6L Longnose Crank Motor