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Rob Dydrek Kick Flips a Chevy Sonic
Pro skateboarder Rob Dydrek attempts the ultimate stunt by kick flipping a Chevy Sonic--and Sara Underwood was there to catch all the action! See if the extreme sports mogul comes out in one piece. For more from AOTS Exclusive, go here:

Rob Dyrdek Sonic KickFlip
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Rob Dyrdek Chevy Sonic Car Flip r Most of you probably know Rob Dyrdek from his endless supply of programming on the MTV Networks over the years. Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory and most recently added, Ridiculousness. If you watch his shows, you know that he has a reputation for doing some crazy stunts. He has purchased race horses and jockeyed them himself at the tracks. He has rail grinded cars AND driven them through oversized skateparks. In one of his more dangerous stunts he created a mini-size version of Pro Drifter, Ken Block's car and created a video where they drifted together... He got pretty close to destroying himself. Well, much to our enjoyment, good ol' Robbie has stepped it up once again. Thanks to some help from Chevrolet and their new Chevy Sonic, Rob decided to fulfill his lifelong dream(or at least a two or three year dream) of kickflipping a car. Yes, you heard me right. So without further ado, please enjoy our coverage of Rob Dyrdek kickflipping his new Chevy Sonic over the Dyrdek Super-Size Skateboard at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA!

Rob Dyrdek Flips Chevy Sonic
It's a car stunt that would have impressed Evil Kenievel and saved James Bond! Watch as daredevil skateboarder Rob Dyrdek drives a Chevrolet Sonic like a skateboard! His extreme car stunt was very similar to a classic James Bond car caper from 1974's The Man With The Golden Gun. This is Chevy's third in a series of outrageous stunts for their new sub-compact Sonic.