Crackhead Gets Hit By Car

Man Thats Gotta Hurt

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Crackhead does shmoney dance right before hitting crack wide open in public
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Black Gangster hit by ice cream truck while getting his swagger on (Original Video)
THIS VIDEO WAS SHOT AND CREATED BY: A black kid "gangster" getting ran over by an ice cream truck by dancing in the middle of the street. Watch at 0:32

Can't Knock Out A Crackhead!
Watch This video On The Smoking Gun Prestents Worlds Dumbest. Worlds Dumbest Brawlers 4 #14. ***Details*** 3 Vs 1, The 3 took his money after he tried to buy weed from them. He hurt his ankle getting off his bike and was looking at it thats why he has no shoe on. And i wasnt involved in this i just recorded a funny fight and i know the recoding sucks!lol i wish it could be better. Location: Mather Field Light Rail @ East Sacramento, CA.

crackhead in the alley
so dumb crack head was yelling in the alley and we recorded her (listen carefully sound quality isnt good)