Crackhead Gets Hit By Car

Man Thats Gotta Hurt

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Killer Caught On Camera - New York Post
Cops are looking for a man who shot and killed a 24-year-old in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Story: jVQDAGt0orymbhwqVt9I The Post Got It Covered: Red Carpet: Post Movie Reviews: News: Twitter: Facebook: RSS: iGoogle Gadget: /gadgets/file/106176226231832917782/New-York-Post.xml

crackhead in the alley
so dumb crack head was yelling in the alley and we recorded her (listen carefully sound quality isnt good)

Bum Fights (The Original)
Two fine Montreal Citizens on the Street

50 Bikers vs 2 Thieves ***Caught On Tape***
Some would be robbers pick the wrong place to steal from. ***I am not the original owner of this footage.***