My twin turbo 04 mustang GT dyno...640RWHP...STOCK SHORTBLOCK!

640/616 @ 14.5PSI. This is for you dad! (RIP)

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LS2 v8 STI vs twin turbo 04 Mustang GT
ls2 STI vs Twin turbo 2004 Mustang GT from a 30 roll this was filmed in mexico

99 mustang gt 2v twin turbo
99 Mustang gt twin turbo,mmr stage 3 turbo cams,mmr sumped fuel tank with dual walbros, edelbrock intake,built engine. Waiting for tune...:)

2004 Mustang GT VS Twin Turbo Nissan Skyline
Stock 2004 Mustang gt with CMS Stage II cams, bolt on's, 150 shot, and suspension. -------------------------------VS--------------------------------- All wheel drive Twin turbo Nissan Skyline automatic Got him by a tenth, I pulled a 7.15 @ 97mph with a 1.56 60 to his 7.25 The guy that yells out "F that white GT" is someone betting money in the crowd that the Skyline would win, guess he lost some money. Before it gets brought up in the comments I let the Skyline get the hit so i could see if I could run him down and thats why he gets the W @ the end of the track.

turbo mustang gt
driving my turbo stang, i was granny shiftin, and i had the Boost all the way down, cuz i had to hold the camera. my turbo will push around 40 psi, but i usually run it around 18....more videos to come!