X-Runner vs WRX

X-Runner vs WRX

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X-Runner vs v8 S-10
00-24-2008 SAR. Pass #2 13.71 @ 104.65 60' 2.15

X Runner vs Corvette
My Cousin's X-Runner against a Corvette at Fontana Drag Way

Toyota Tacoma X-runner vs Ford F-150 Harley Davidson
2006 tacoma X-runner vs 2010 F-150 harley. The only thing better in the F-150 is the interior, plus its 5.4L engine is a waste of gas. F-150 Goes for $50, 000 Tacoma X-runner goes for $36,000

X-Runner vs GTO
N/A X-Runner vs 5.7L GTO. Neither vehicle missed a shift. Retarded posts will be removed.