Jeep srt8 MONSTER! Very steep snow hill climb INSANE!

Me in my jeep srt8 going up a very steep snowy hill New Blizzak tires AMAZING

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What Happens When You Valet A Jeep SRT?
Dash Cam catches Valet taking my Jeep for a joyride in his little lot over 9 times! Well, I won't ever do that again. He told me he'd keep the Jeep safe from door-dings. Had no idea that meant driving it around the lot all night. The spot he parked it in by the little building was plenty safe. Why not leave it there? Well, you live and learn. Against my better judgement I left my keys. That will never happen again. Disclaimer: I do not own any music that may be playing in the background. I muted most of the video so you can't hear it.

Idiot in Jeep Challenges Land Cruiser
It's a Jeep thing! At a recent offroading adventure, one of the Jeep owners challenged a Land Cruiser stating that he could go anywhere the Land Cruiser could.. Let's find out.

Buried Jeep makes it out of snow.
So we buried my buddies Jeep Cherokee under a bit of snow. Donny made it out no problem... still worth it.

Supercharged Jeep SRT Donuts! Close Calls!
Just having some fun in my 2014 Jeep SRT when it was Ripp Supercharged and Lowered! Doing some donuts in a buddies driveway. Had some close calls almost hit the wall! xD Follow me on Instagram @Sinister_Hellcat