The Dan Patrick Show - Lou Holtz Christmas Spectacular

From the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio, Dan Patrick as Lou Holtz sings the Christmas hits.

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The Dan Patrick Show - Lou Holtz Impression
Dan Patrick's impression of Lou Holtz from the Dan Patrick Show on 7-25-2008.

Dan Patrick talks live with James Carville
Dan Patrick talks on the phone with James Carville 12-9 James Carville is a Poly Sci Professor at Tulane. Former Co-Host of CNN's Crossfire, talking about Tiger Woods, The BCS and more.

Lou Holtz Spitting on ESPN
I blame ESPN for allowing so much back light on Lou in this spot... it really highlights the flying spit. ;) Watch in HD for full effect... mouth fail :P

Dan Patrick doing great Lou Holtz impersinations- Tuesday September 7, 2010
From the Dan Patrick Radio Show on DirecTV channel 101