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Chris Harris video exclusive for evo: the Lexus LFA supercar tackles UK roads Chris Harris gets a UK exclusive drive of the Lexus LFA supercar on tricky UK roads. How does it fare? Full test in Issue 141 of evo View more of our videos at

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Lexus LFA : Top Gear Review
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The Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition is to DIE FOR! | REVIEW
There are cars that sound good, there are cars that sound epic, and then there's the Lexus LFA! This particular car is one of just 50 Nurburgring Editions of the LFA and my goodness is it to die for. Did Lexus get it right when they made this!? With a 4.8l naturally aspirated V10 up front and the 570PS going to the rear wheels, it's 10PS more and 5kg lighter than the 'standard' Lexus LFA. Perhaps held back by some quirky technology and not having the fastest gearbox in the world, but quickly all is forgiven when the revs start to rise and a heavenly sound fills the cabin. It's hard to imagine that there could be a better sounding car on the roads and a huge thanks goes to @lathouras_p for the opportunity to take his special car out for a drive. Check out: Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

Lexus LFA Nurburgring - Chris Harris lap of Nordschleife - EVO
For more evo videos visit: Chris Harris takes the new Lexus LFA around the Nurburgring attempting a high speed lap whilst conducting a review.

The One With The Lexus LFA! - World's Fastest Car Show Ep 3.28
It's the epitome of a manufacturer's halo car, a proof of concept. The Lexus LFA may be out of production, but it's as relevant today as it was when it was first conceived by the Lexus brain trust in 2000. For that reason, Justin pulls the LFA out of the Toyota Museum and puts it on the track where it belongs in this episode of the World's Fastest Car Show. World's Fastest Car Show appears every Friday on the Motor Trend channel. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook -, Twitter - & Instagram - & Google+ - Website -