Modified Volkswagen Beetles #2

this is once a gain another montage of beetles that are awesome, funny, or just plain weird. i hope you enjoy it

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Ultimate VW BEETLE Video
The ultimate VW Beetle Slideshow ft. System Of a Down. Hope you like it.

Ugly & Crazy VWs -Worst Car Abortions! 1/2 VW Bugs, Beetle, MiniBus, Ghias, Type 181, Samba, Vanagon, Eurovan, Frapper, Bay Window Bus, Type 2, all fall victim to love. There is a special type of love for ones' Volkswagen to make these a reality. Credit for workmanship and creativity is due for some of these examples.

Classic VW Beetle BuGs 2011 Litchfield CT "BuG In" Show This is the 2011 Litchfield BuG in Air-cooled car show. Chris

Restauración VW Sedán Mod. 2000
Un orgullo poder restaurar el VW Sedán que perteneció a nuestro Padre, Esposo y Abuelo Miguel Ángel. Abuelito Miguel, siempre estarás en nuestros corazones. Suscríbete a MI CANAL! Sígueme en las REDES SOCIALES: Twitter: Instagram: Google+:ónDelgado