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A 2 by 12 Board Breaking Demonstration 16 inches Long With A Fist
This is 1 of the videos that was used on a TV Show on Comedy Central. I broke a 2 by 12 16 inches long yellow pine wood with my right hook, and that's the biggest piece of 2 by 12 that any human has ever broken with a fist without breaking the hand. That is the first time that I've ever broken that 2 by 12 16 inches long in that video. That is the biggest piece of wood that I've ever broken in my life with my fist, and that is X12 Superhuman strength right there. That 16 inch long 2 by 12 yellow pine wood can hold half the weight of a 3200lb Nissan Altima when that board is set along the grain. No martial art expert wouldn't dare to attempt to break any 2 by 12s with their fist due to the high risk of breaking their hand. I did not break my hand, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to hold that piece of wood in my hand if my hand were broken. That right hook that I delivered on that 16 inch long 2 by 12 has around 2 times more powerful than any heavyweight boxer that does a 1 punch knockout. That wood is solid yellow pine wood number 2 grade that I bought from Home Depot. This is 1 of my videos that was used on a TV Show on Comedy Central. Warning! Do not try this at home, because I am trained to break that 2 by 12 board. Video is Performed and Recorded On January 18, 2012 By Craig AKA The X12 An X12 Experimental Highspeed Superhuman Of The X12 Superhuman Experiment

Harlem Shake (Grandma Edition)
My two grandmas attempt to do their version of the Harlem Shake Follow me on Instagram - @hankrao https://twitter.com/HankRao

The Harlem Shake SEIZURE
I do not own the song. entertainment use only. Me and some friends at school going Ham! :D TDCI!!! Saskatoon. Credits to Shazaib Randhawa, really wanted to be in the video but was busy lifting .

The Harlem Shake! (SHAYTARDS STYLE)
Thought we'd try our hand at The Harlem Shake! Join the family! http://www.youtube.com/shaytards The best part of this video is the part you don't see when we were cracking up deciding what everyone would do. SONG NAME: Harlem Shake - Baauer