K.I.T.T. Vs. Goliath

K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Two Thousand, fight the iron monster,Goliath. The battle is fantastic, but K.I.T.T. is broken..April repail him and go to kill Goliath, the iron monster is dead!Or not?... K.I.T.T. Knight Iparválalat Kétezer.KITT megküzd a vas szörnyetegel Goliathal,KITT lesérül de April megjívitja és megküzdenek Goliathal és leis győzik őt.A vas szörnyetek elpusztul.Vagy mégse?...

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K.A.R.R. The One
K.A.R.R. Knight Automate Roving Robot-K.A.R.R.This car is the first car of Wilton Knight,but this car is not the perfect future car.K.A.R.R. is a indestructible car. K.A.R.R. Knight Automata Robogo Robot,Ezvolt az elsö kocsi amit Wilton Knight tervezet,sajnos nem a tökéletes jövö autója, de amint látni fogod, KARR elpusztíthatatlan:)

Knight Rider Good and badness

KITT, my Immortal
In four episodes during the entire series, KITT has gotten more than he bargained for and has ended up on the wrong end of a machine vs. machine story. He's been crashed into by a semi truck, blown up by a missile, thrown into a pit of toxic waste, and had his shell completely neutralized. And you thought your job was tough! This video is a bit sad, because it's about how Michael thinks that KITT is gone for good and even if he gets rebuilt, he'll never be 'KITT' again. But in the end, KITT comes back and he's better than ever. Time for some payback! GO KITT!!! I decided to upload this now because of the new Knight Rider movie thing coming up. They have a new KITT? Blasphemy! This is the real KITT, and he is my immortal. (This is NOT a slash video! They're just best buds!) Images were used from Goliath, Knight of the Drones, Junkyard Dog, Knight of the Juggernaut, and other episodes. Song: Evanescence "My Immortal" (Note: This version of the song is called the 'band version.' This features guitars and drums near the end rather than strings like the more common 'album version.')

KITT vs Goliath
easily the most memorable episode and scene, i damn near cried when i first saw this. note: i had to add the overlapping music and titles to avoid an NBC copyright strike.