FZR vs RXP roll race 2

Bolt on RXP vs bolt on and tune FZR. (RXP camera ski)

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FZR vs RXP roll race 3
Bolt on RXP vs 2 bolt on and tune FZR. (RXP camera ski)

Mike fzr vs Erick rpx260 first race
yamaha power

Out for a 'Spin' on the Yamaha FZS
Big Warren on Yamaha FZS. He thinks he's the best. We'll see... Taken from Sea Doo RXT-X RS 260. Barmouth Bad Boyz Video. The ski is still being run in.

Yamaha FZS stock acceleration from 20-75
I was holding the camera with one hand which I why the takeoff started at 20mph (could not hang on with one hand launching from standstill). In stock form right now, so limited to 68mph after peaking, but that is an easy fix. GPS speed is 68mph stock, will hit 85 with a tune and supporting mods to come!