Subaru Exhaust Valve guide "Dropped"

Something to look for when looking for a cylinder misfire

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How to MOVE Valve Guides the EASY Way
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Subaru Valve Job.wmv
This is the first part of a video on the Subaru valve job. It details all aspects of the job from disassembly, cleaning, grinding valves and seats to modifications used to enhance air flow. The entire video is over 25 minutes in duration, this is the first 10 minutes of that video. For information about the entire video, call 949-631-6375 for cost and shipping charges.

How To Diagnose Sticky Engine Valves
Use a piece of paper and diagnose a sticky of stuck engine valve for FREE! Why pay somebody to tell you if you're car's running right or not when you can do it yourself.... Sticky engine valves are caused by buildup of gunk in the engine over time and caused when the valve is no longer able to slide in and out easily when the camshaft pushes on the valve stem. There are many simple fixes and some that are not so simple and are more indepth. This video is not about how to vix a sticky engine valve but rather how to diagnose it for free. If your vehicle is lacking the power that it once was, and if it is getting poorer and poorer gas mileage then you may have a sticky or stuck engine valve. Many times you will notice a rough idle when you first start up the engine or you will notice a small "backfire" when you let off the gas. These are all signs that your Exhaust valve/valves may be sticking. To diagnose if this is the case, simple hole a piece of paper up against the tailpipe and if the paper is sucked against the tailpipe or is flapping in and out rather than only being forced out, you probably have a sticky or stuck open Exhaust valve. More to come, Wayne

Subaru Head Gasket Preparation
Justin at All wheel Drive Auto, explains how to prepare a cylinder head on a Subaru, when replacing head gaskets. He shows both the wrong way to do it and the best way to do it.