Subaru Exhaust Valve guide "Dropped"

Something to look for when looking for a cylinder misfire

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Subaru Valve Job.wmv
This is the first part of a video on the Subaru valve job. It details all aspects of the job from disassembly, cleaning, grinding valves and seats to modifications used to enhance air flow. The entire video is over 25 minutes in duration, this is the first 10 minutes of that video. For information about the entire video, call 949-631-6375 for cost and shipping charges.

Subaru Cylinder Head Disassembly
A walkthrough of the disassembly of a Subaru EJ series cylinder head.

Cylinder Head 105 - Valve Job Basics
Valves not sealing? Valves not bent? This is how you fix that problem. In this video I outline the basic valve job procedure. Cleaning the valves, cleaning the seats, cleaning the combustion chamber and lapping the valves in to make a better seal. Here I cover the process start-to-finish. It's the same exact process for pretty much all non-rotary combustion engines. It takes patience and perseverance to do this job, but anyone can do it. Reference your service manual for measurements and service limits. Everything else that's not in your service manual is in this video. I apologize for not having broken busted crap to work with in this video. It's more beneficial to all of you when bad fortune falls on me because it gets well documented, and many people watching these videos are looking for answers. If you have bent valves, you will discover it quickly once you chuck one up in the drill. You'll see the face of the valve wobble around while it spins. You'll see evidence of this damage on the valve seat. If it's bad, you may see damage on the valve guides in the form of cracks or missing pieces where the valve guides protrude through the head ports. Give all that stuff a good visual inspection. ...and if you doubt yourself, never hesitate to get a second opinion or consult a machine shop. They will have access to expensive tools that you wont find in your average gearhead's garage.

Subaru Cylinder Head Removal
Subaru Master Mechanic, Mike Bauer, demonstrates, step-by-step, how to remove the cylinder heads from a Subaru 2.5L flat (boxer) engine from a 1999 Subaru Forester with automatic transmission and more than 170,000 miles on it! Upcoming videos from Mike will include cylinder head installation, complete engine removal and complete engine re-installation covering every detail each step of the way. Please click LIKE, FAVORITE and SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more videos from Mike and Carey! Be sure to click the FULL SCREEN button and choose the little gear in the bottom corner to select the full 1080p resolution of this video to view the amazing video quality this was shot and rendered in (if you have enough bandwidth to support it!). Please join my Facebook fan page: See more of Carey's video's here: For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: