Buick Le Sabre Racing Car by Matchbox

my Buick Le Sabre Racing Car by Matchbox I was a big fan of American Stock Car racing when i had the chance to watch it when i was young! I was equally pleased to buy this car for a few pennies at a car boot sale recently - its awesome! I like the low squat look to the whole body and window guard and the car is definetly complimented by the paint scheme - whats not to like?? thanks for watching :)

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Ricky Rudd - Quaker State Buick (1988)
My 18th model is Ricky Rudd's #26 Quaker State Buick, specific from the 1988 season. Rudd drove this car for 2 years in 1988 and 1989 winning at Watkins Glen in 88 and the first ever Cup race at Sonoma in 1989. Body and chassis is testors green. Kit is a monogram buick with kit decals. Car has been done for a few weeks but again I've been too lazy to post it.

Chrysler 300C Gold Plated Car by Hot Wheels
my Chrysler 300C Gold Plated Car by Hot Wheels i like the crazy idea of covering your entire car with gold! it sounds totally silly and incredibly expensive to make, but then if you could afford to do this in the first place then the cost is of no importance!! i would love to know how much the insurance would cost !! Clearly not many cars should be treated in such a way but this big Chrysler just cries out wealth in any colour.... thanks for watching :)

This car was cosmetically restored to show quality condition. 1959 Buick's are very desirable collector cars and are very rare. Beautiful silver blue paint with matching correct interior. Barrett Jackson CoolCoolCars.Com GotCoolCars.Com GotCoolTrucks.Com

2015 E Matchbox Factory Sealed Case Unboxing By Race Grooves
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