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Buick Le Sabre Racing Car by Matchbox

my Buick Le Sabre Racing Car by Matchbox I was a big fan of American Stock Car racing when i had the chance to watch it when i was young! I was equally pleased to buy this car for a few pennies at a car boot sale recently - its awesome! I like the low squat look to the whole body and window guard and the car is definetly complimented by the paint scheme - whats not to like?? thanks for watching :)


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1980's-1990s Reject Drivers - Highlights from the First 3 Races/Duels-Clash races
You know when you go back through youtube and try to find that one race that amazing from the 1990's or 80's, Sure you know of the big names like Earnhardt, Wallace and such but did you ever notice those who were mid-field/back-markers or that guy that made a few starts and disappear. The Conway's and Lally's of yesteryear so to speak... And that's how 80s-90s reject drivers is born...Glorifying those hopeless mid-fielder and backmarkers in a series that is fun, absolute fail and just craziness in general So here we are highlights from the first 3 races of the year plus some footage from the exhibition races, ROSTER OF DRIVERS: Car List: #2 Kroger Pontiac - Mike Cope #3 Goodwrech Chevy - Mike Dillon #04 U.S Bank Pontiac - Brad Loney #4 Kodiak Oldsmobile - Jimmy Kitchens #5 Levi Garret Chevy - Mark Krogh #6 Stroh's Light Ford - Brad Noffsinger #7 Zerex Ford - Eddie Beahr #8 Miller Buick - Beaver Dragon #9 Coors Ford - Loy Allen Jr. #10 Purolater Pontiac - Hal Browning #11 Budweiser Ford - Kevin Simmons #14 Copenhagen Oldsmobile - Doug Reid #15 Motorcraft Ford - Nathan Buttke #16 Chattanooga Chew Buick - John Krebs #17 Tide Chevy - Mark Day #21 Citgo Ford - Rich Bickle #22 Prestone Oldsmobile - Patty Moise #23 Americraft Oldsmobile -Marty Houston #25 Folgers Chevy - Jeff Krogh #26 Quaker State Buick - Phil Bonnfield #27 Kodiak Pontiac - Jeff McClure #28 Havoline Ford - Randy Porter #29 Hardee's Pontiac - Chris Diamond #30 Country Time Pontiac - Don Jenkins #31 Slender You Figure Salons Pontiac - Billy Standridge #33 Skoal Oldsmobile - Stevie Reeves #34 Allen's Glass Buick - Curtis Markham #38 Redkote Steel Tubing Ford - Jack Pennington #40 Hess Racing Oldsmobile - Gary Bradberry #42 Peak Antifreeze Pontiac - Barry Bodine #43 STP Pontiac - Kat Teasdale #44 Group 44 Pontiac - Joe Bessy #45 Amway Fuel Additive Buick - Kevin Prince #48 Dinner Bell Foods Pontiac - Jamie Skinner #51 Fruit of the Loom Chevy - Robbie Faggart #52 Alka-Seltzer Pontiac - Robbie Reiser #55 Crown Petroleum Oldsmobile - Bobby Hillen #57 Heinz 57 Pontiac - David Stacy #66 Banquet Chevy - David Hutto #67 Alka-Seltzer Pontiac - Jamie Aube #68 Purolater Chevy - Lee Faulk #69 Unsponsored Ford - Dave Davis #70 Rumple Furniture Pontiac - Dale Fischelin #71 Lifebouy Soap Chevy - Bobby Norfleet #73 Barkdoll Racing Oldsmobile - Phil Barkdoll #75 Valvoline Ford - Jocko Maggiacomo #83 Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce Oldsmobile - Tom Peck #84 Miller Buick - Wayne Patterson #88 Crisco Pontiac - Lance Hooper #89 Evinrude Outboards Pontiac - Brandon Baker #90 Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce Ford - Lance Norick #94 Sunoco Oldsmobile - Ron Barfield

Amazing! Kids Car Racing - Modular construction toys
Modular ™ Construction Toys - a revolutionary new modular approach to construction toys. www.modulartoy.com Modular™ Construction Toys take a new and unique approach to construction toys allowing true three-dimensional, fully modular construction of race tracks, highways and districts while developing abstract thinking, three-dimensional perception, and creativity. All kits are totally inter-compatible. Unlike conventional construction sets, Modular™ Construction Toys allows the building parts to be stacked vertically without limit, constructing complex bridges, interchanges, and more. Multiple variations guarantees hours of fun! www.modulartoy.com

Best Cars Sounds Vol. 5 - Audi S1 Quattro, 917K, Veneno, FXX, F1 V10, C-Elysée WTCC & Many More
⇓⇓Please read the description before commenting!!⇓⇓ Flickr Page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/19bozzy92/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/19Bozzy92YT Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/100567781241722617164/posts This video is a compilation (like the others 5 volumes) I make every time I reach the "100 videos uploaded" goal and they're about MY last 99 uploaded videos. So this "Vol.65" is referred to the best sounding cars you can find on my Youtube channel from the 401st to the 499th video. N.B. If you don't find your beloved Mazda 787B or your McLaren MP4/6 in this video, don't complain. It's just because I haven't filmed them YET! List of the cars in the video: 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 GT3 FL2 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Mercedes C63 AMG F1 Safety Car 2014 Citroen C-Elysée WTCC 2013 Porsche 997 GT3 R 2013 Auto GP Formula car Mazda MX-5 turbo 2013 McLaren MP4-12C GT3 PRC Ford V8 Lancia Beta Monte Carlo turbo Gr. 5 Gumpert Apollo S 700hp Subaru Impreza Ferrari F2002 F1 Car 2013 Audi R8 LMS Ultra Volvo S40 BTCC Opel Vectra V8 GTS DTM Skoda Fabia WRC Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro Audi Sport Quattro S1 2013 Ferrari 458 GT3 Porsche 917 K Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition Ferrari 575 GT1 Toyota Supra single turbo Juno Sport Alfa Romeo V6 Lancia Stratos HF Gr. 4 Radical SR8 RX Lotus Exige GT Cup Subaru Impreza GBD Lamborghini Veneno Ferrari 599xx Evoluzione 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo 2014 Porsche 991 RSR Chrysler 300C SRT-8 Superstars series Aston Martin CC-100 Norma M20 Honda K20 2008 Dallara GP2 Audi A4 DTM Pagani Huayra Volkswagen Polo R WRC BMW Z4 GT3 Lotus Exige V6 Camcorder: Canon Legria HF M46 + Canon DM-100 Microphone Link To My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/19Bozzy92?feature=mhee THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE!!!

Car Race | Sports Car | Racing Car
Download the fun and educational Candy Car Wash game for kids FREE: Apple iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/candy-carwash/id972354482?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.carwash.game Car Race | Sports Car | Racing Car : Fun and adventurous car race video for kids, For more such videos click on the links below: https://youtu.be/Gaz8_6Ee_wM Copyright © 2015 USP Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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2002 Mini Cooper S: 10.237 @ 142.530
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Vinnie Kung, Engine: W11, Turbos: Garrett GT Tires: 24x8.5 M&H

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Bisch, Tires: Azenis

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BigShow, Engine: 1598cc, Supercharger: M45 Turbos: N/A Tires: Yokohama Parada 205/40/17

2005 Mini Cooper S: 13.700 @ 104.000
James (Jaw_F430), Engine: Stock 1.6,

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Doc Burgess, Tires: 195 55 16 run flat

2003 Mini Cooper S: 14.172 @ 99.150
Christopher, Tires: 205/45/16

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Mike, Engine: 1.6,


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