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Maruyama Trimmer/ Brushcutter 割草機

1973 Dodge Colt Dual Weber 40 Carburetor - after carb rebuild
After the problematic initial start-up of the dual weber 40s the last time, the mechanic rebuilt the two weber 40s. It was a good thing that I was able to source out two weber rebuild kits. Here is the video of the engine start-up after the weber's were rebuilt.

OREC RM-980F 駕駛式割草機 4WD斜坡示範 (高球場)
這是一台由日本OREC公司開發高性能割草機,非台製仿冒品! 在台灣我們是專業的農機進口商! 本公司提供各界預約,到府示範表演,完全免費!!!! 預約農機示範歡迎來電 : (到府農機示範....完全不收取費用) 邱先生 : 0975-665177 mail: tp407044@yahoo.com.tw

賜合牌 自走式割草機加尾車 (台灣製造)
賜合牌 自走式割草機加尾車 (台灣製造)