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79 Lancer mid range engine response
Just some random video. Feeling out the midrange response of the engine, running southbound on the Skyway at grade section. All (more or less) completely within the speed limit :) ... Also a bit of rev matching on the downshifts to test how quick our quick shift shifter kit is. Aircon on at full blast the whole time! 1979 Mitsubishi Lancer, Engine is a 4G33 (belt drive) oversized to 1600cc, High compression pistons, Modified head, Works Rally cam #4, Lynx Manifold, Single Side Draft Weber 40 DCOE carb. full MSD Ignition. SMT Competition headers Stainless Steel 4-1 equal length headers with merge collector, turbo Thrush muffler.

4G32 VS k型engine


视频: 懒人必学-让割草机自动起来【酷客春季】
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