Golf R20 2.0T 430 KM vs Golf GTI 2.0T 200 KM roll 60-235 km/h

Race from 60 - 235 km/h,: Golf R20 2.0 TSI 430 KM with 2 people vs Golf V GTI 2.0 TSI 200 KM with 1 man

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zx-10r - Autobahn - VW Golf VI GTI
Driving together with an VW Golf VI GTI for about half an hour on the autobahn. I love these powerful compact class cars like VW Golf GTI, Ford Focus ST, Seat Leon Cupra, and so on. I hope you'll like and enjoy the best scenes from this half an hour ride.

Vw Golf R20
Silver Photography's Volkswagen Golf VI R20...

Golf R cameracar (stock) vs. Golf GTI (chip) Björkvik 29 Maj Sweden
Flying start at 50km/h, the red GTI DSG is tuned with BSR chip aprox. 240-245hk. Golf R DSG is stock, 270hk 4wd.

Scirocco R 2.0T 360 HP DSG vs Scirocco R 2.0T 320 HP DSG
360 HP by Compsport vs 320 HP by R Performance