Red Lexus ISF with Carbon Fiber Diffuser 1080p walkaround for my high quality photos - visit and "like" my page for exotic car photos see my videos on Red Lexus ISF with Carbon Fiber Diffuser 1080p walkaround

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DIY: Wald International Bison Rear Diffuser on Lexus ISF
A quick guide on how to install a Wald Bison International Rear Diffuser on a Lexus ISF. Don't forget to hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE Buttons!

Quick Look: VIP Auto Salon ISF
Take a quick look at the VIP Auto Salon ISF. FOR MORE VIDEOS AND CONTENT CHECK OUT By Steven Tran

Lexus LFA High Speed Sweeping Tunnel Pass ISF
More video's of the incredible Lexus LFA from my boy Jay-birds camera (iphone 3gs). He was driving my ISF (following) and got some video of us rolling through the streets of L.A. I also found a clip of me passing him like he is standing still inside of the tunnel. That tunnel was so much fun we did it twice. How did this all happen? Why was i driving a car like this? One day i got a tweet from Lexus HQ - they invited me down to drive the LFA for 30 minutes, for no reason other then to just come check it out. It turned out to be almost 2 hours. This car is CRAZY...the acceleration and the sound is like no other......V10, Tuned by Yamaha, no Supercharger, no turbo's.....all motor. Check out the other 4 video's i did with this car on the same day. Its amazing! Thanks to Mr. Ludwig from Lexus for making this all happen!! Also, thanks for lunch and a tour of the grounds! Don't forget to check out my website! Join the forum today and be part of one of the BIGGEST car audio websites on earth! More to come! Facebook Page here: Follow:

Lexus ISF Exhaust
ISS Forged Quad Exhaust System