BMW 328i e36 0-248km/h 154mph

BMW 328is e36 0-248km/h 154mph

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BMW 328i E36 0-Vmax Acceleration
The FULL acceleration test of the BMW 328i e36 193 hp М52B28 engine 1995 year. It was a stock 318i. Then the inline-6 2.8 M52B28 engine was swapped in this car. Now it is as fast as the US M3 e36. Remeaning mods: M50 headers, deleted cats, custom Exhaust, open 3.15 diff and cold air intake. I'm not shure about the ECU. Because the owner says that it isn't chipped, but the rev limiter is above the standard (6900 RPMs vs 6500 in stock) Video conteins: 0-Vmax Top Speed run 0-235 km/h 0-187 km/h 1st, 2rd, 3rd, 4th, 5th gear pulls from low RPMs Results: The max speed is 245 km/h by a speedo 0-200 km/h in 25.26 seconds (by speedometer) 0-160 km/h in 14,15 (by speedo also) 0-100 is about 5.94 seconds HD video was shot on the Galaxy S4

BMW M3 E36 0-270 km/h
BMW M3 E36 0-270 km/h ►Follow My Instagram: *Driver : Samet ARMAN / *Dated : 30 November 2013 / (30.11.2013) *Car : BMW E36 M3 3.2L 321 hp Stock / *Country : Turkey / *Channel : racing video tv / *Camera : GoPro Thank you for Likes and comments. Follow: ►Facebook: ►Youtube: ►Twitter: ►Google+: ►Youtube: ►Acceleration Playlist:

BMW 540i E39 vs BMW 328i E36 0- 250 topspeed acceleration beschleunigung
BMW 540i E39 BMW 328i E36

328i 0-280km/h
328i mit 248PS bei 1470kg Diagramm noch ohne Auslassnockenwelle Hier einer nur mit Ansaugbrücke ohne Abstimmung