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1994 subaru loyale $3000

139,500 miles no oil or volt gauge? no cruise push button 4x4 clean as a whistle new tires air conditioning


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Time to tinker 18 Subaru pistons EA81
installing pistons

1982 Subaru Brat restoration slideshow
Replaced t-tops, dash, carpet, hood, fender, windshield, bumpers, tailgate, seats, and most of the mechanical stuff. Wonderful little car.

Dion's 83 Subaru 4x4 touring wagon. 4wd, suby
A few clips taken while out playing in my suby. it's a stocko EA81, Weber, 2 1/2" Lukey Exhaust, and 215/75R15 Hankook muddies.

スバル・レオーネ ボクサーサウンド / Subaru Leone Boxer-Sound
車齢25年、21万キロを超えた レオーネの「どろどろ音」です。 3rd Generation, 1988 Subaru Leone wagon, 132,000 miles, normal engine sounds.

1993 Subaru Loyale Budget Auto Sales III Auburn, WA 98002
http://www.budgetautosales3.com 1993 Subaru Loyale- Check out this White 1993 Subaru Loyale, equipped with a 4 Cyl. engine and a 5 speed manual transmission with only 153,543 miles. Enjoy an impressive 29 miles to the gallon on this great car with features like Cruise Control, Power Door Locks, Power Windows, AM/FM Stereo Radio, Cloth or Velour Upholstery, Front Bucket Seats, Trip Odometer, and much more. Enjoy the drive and have peace of mind in this 1993 Subaru Loyale. See us at Budget Auto Sales III today! Miles- 153,543 VIN- JF2AN52B7PD408338 Budget Auto Sales III 3602 A-ST SE Auburn, Washington 98002 Phone:253-333-8209 http://www.budgetautosales3.com

Subaru Leone Meet 2013 / レオーネ ミーティング in 太田
スバル城下町の太田市(群馬県)に13台のレオーネが集 りました。

1990 Subaru Loyale wagon: Tour, Quick Drive
Here's my 1990 Loyale wagon. Finally had time to do a tour and a drive (nobody home to watch me and clear roads XD) Here's the specs: 1.8L SPFI H4 engine 90lbs/foot torque at 4000RPM 90 HP 3 Speed 3AT Automatic gearbox (2.8:1 , 1.5:1. 1:1) 0-60 = Yes, it can go that fast. Theoretical Speed Limit: 113MPH (Engine hits redline, any faster and the transmission can blow up as well) Gas Mileage: 23/24 City/Highway (32 with new plugs, tires, timing belt) UPDATE: I have crashed it. but i'm still driving it!

Subaru loyale 1993 Coldstart/ old start
My first time hearing my car run after one full year since it's faulty "operation" Everyone thought she was a right off. But she runs again!! It was still all winter through spring, and now she's ready for the road.

First Drive - 2015 Subaru WRX STI
Hooniverse.com's Jeff Glucker travels to Northern California to meet up with the latest version of a popular Pleiades-badge wearing, all-wheel-drive, rally rocket. It's the 2015 Subaru WRX STI, and it's time to meet it and put it through its paces. This doesn't just mean some time on the street, however, as the day also includes some hot laps at Laguna Seca.

towners subaru burmby and harrys lux at pine creek bundaberg 4x4
frist real test of my 5 speed and webber install. also has 2 inch lift and kumho muders. and harrys 2.4D hilux. and a quick glimce of wellers rodeo

Subaru Loyale Straight Pipe
The other day the muffler was busted up on a rock, so I cut it off and replaced it with pipe and a turndown. Sounds nice, and there is more high end torque.

[HD] '81 Subaru GL Wagon Off-Roading
Turn sound up! I had the waterproof door on my GoPro, so sound is greatly muffled. Suction cupped my GoPro right behind my wheel and took my wagon down this trail. It wasn't anything big, but it was still fun to drive down. At the end, the trail turned into a dirt bike trail and I could not drive down it at all. So I turned around and while doing so, got barked at by a random guy for being on "private property." So turned around and before I got back on the road, there was a hill. I wanted to practice starting on a hill (and I had to let my dog back in the car) so I stopped and started. Even in wet dirt (almost mud), I didn't need to put it in AWD. Got going fine in FWD. Oh, and I did the entire run in FWD too. Oh, and if you're wondering, that red thing to the right is the camera's leash. It's attached to the mirror so if the camera falls, I won't run over it (look at my videos; it's already happened once). Car: 1981 Subaru GL Wagon 1.8l 73 HP Engine FWD, but can go in AWD Lo and AWD Hi 4-speed Manual Camera: GoPro HD Hero 960 Mini Fat Gecko suction cup mount, with 3" extension Trail ("Private Property"): Sammamish, WA Near Soaring Eagle Park Off E Main Dr.

82 Subaru Leone Touringwagon Leather Version
http://www.kurumabatake.com 初代より頑なに低重心のフラット4エンジンと4WDを採用 続けたレオーネ。スバルのメカニカルアイデアの優秀 は、より進化を遂げレガシィなどに引き継がれ成功を めた事で立証された。本車両は2代目レオーネの後期型 ーリングワゴン レザーバージョン。EA型水平対向1.8OH Vユニットは良好な低中速トルクを発生。素直でリニア 吹け上がりで、1t程度のボディーを軽々と引っ張る。 となっては決して高出力エンジンではないが、バイブ ーションも良く抑えられたナチュラルな回転フィール 持ち味。100km/h巡航は4速3000rpmほどでロングツーリング 十分にこなせる。当時は商用車やバンのイメージが強 った4WDシステムを乗用ステーションワゴンに採用する さきがけ」となった記念碑的モデル。本車両に採用さ ているレザーシートはフランス車風のデザインと生産3 2年後の現在でも劣化・硬化の少ない高品質な素材が奢 れている。シートと同系色で整えられたライトベージ 基調のインテリア。ドア内張りには3種類の異なる素材 組み合わされ、フロアは毛足の長めのブラウンのカー ットでコーディネートされている。スバル4WD=バンの概 念を打ち破るステーションワンゴン発売。当初から輸出 品質とツーリングワゴンのプレミアム感向上に注力して いた先見はすごい。非常に軽いクラッチを踏み込みカチ ッと決まるトランスミッション操作しての走りはツーリ ングワゴンのネーミングに恥じぬ軽快で疲労の少ない走 り心地を実現。フラット4エンジンのフィールなどなか かに味のある走行性能が愉しめる昭和スバルのテイス 満載の1台・・・レオーネ ツーリングワゴン。

EA82 Engine front teardown
The Art of Subaru Maintenance #05 EA82 Engine front teardown

1984 Subaru GL wagon 4wd D/R
I bought this car for $100. It was my first ever manual shift, and this is the car I learned how to drive stick in, as I drove it through city traffic from where I bought it. It was a tough car, and I was sold on Subaru ever since. I got fired from Domino's because I wrecked the Grand Am. I saw the Subaru as Hires Auto Parts when I was looking for parts. This was the first car I had that was in my name only, with my own insurance policy. I had tow and recovery added to my premium, because I knew that I would be getting stupid with the 4-wheel drive. First thing I did when I got it home was part out the CB and Baja Lights from the Grand Am and put them in the Subaru. I bought a pair of Fog lights and mounted them on the front of above the headlights. I thought it was too good to be true to have a 4x4 wagon, and I went looking for Baja Trails all over Fort Wayne. The suspension was far superior to that of the Grand Am, and I was flying down alleys like you wouldn't believe. This car could take everything I could give it, and asked for more. I decided to go all out with making it a Baja car, and I had at it. The fender was dented when I first got it, and there was rust around the wheel wells. I took at it with the power saw and cut all that stuff off. I also adjusted the valve lash and set the timing, and installed Bosch Platinum spark plugs. I got it running pretty damn good, and I couldn't help but get stupid. I was running over trash cans in the alleys, and dragged them under the car several blocks before they would fall out. I tore it up in the mud, grass, and on the street. The motor had plenty of horsepower, winding up to 6 or 7000 rpm between shifts. I tackled the toughest of obstacles, driving up steep hills and blazing along railroad tracks at 45 mph. One time, I nearly got my car, myself, and 2 of my friends almost killed at the tracks. I was crossing a track, and I was going to stop and look for a train, but my friend told me not to worry about it. Just then, I saw the headlight of a train coming around the bend. I hit the brakes(which weren't very good) and stopped about 4 feet from the rails. I was trying to back up, but I wasn't quite used to the shifting, and I kept putting it in 4th and stalling. I wasn't sure how far the train overhung the track, but I thought it would at least hit the front corner if the car. I finally got it going at the last second, and made a narrow escape. That didn't stop me from off-roading. I tried to drive through a deep puddle at the hotel semi truck parking lot, but I slipped in and lost traction. (good thing for that tow and recovery ins.) That took care of the situation. I was at Mertal's house and we were going to leave, with him driving. Before we left, Mertal decided to take a few laps around the yard. I asked him to let me drive in his yard, as I drove around his yard, I remembered the days we tore it up on the Yamaha Blaster. I was getting on it. I was tearing it up by the barn where you wouldn't think a car would fit. Then I shot off into the field and hauled ass up into 4th gear. Oh what fun! In a station wagon I had a job delivering pizza for Papa John's. Winter had set in, snowing all at once on the first snowfall. The 4-wheel drive was excellent, unstoppable, as you will. I liked to drift around turns, taking advantage of momentum to slide the car around. But one day I slid into a curb and bent the rear axle. I was driving around with a crooked wheel, dog tracking severely. I still delivered, and the car would slide around as it hit dry and icy spots on the road. I managed to drive it like this for several hundred miles, making 45 mile trips back and forth. One night I almost spun out doing 45 on state road 3. But driving a car like this would make you an expert driver, and I recovered with no problem. I bought another Subaru, and this one sat at my mom's house. When I bought my Pinto, I drove it for the first time in the snow, and slid through a curve and hung it up on a pile of logs. With no one to help me, I walked back and started up the Subaru after it had sat for quite some time (it had never failed me yet). It had a donut on the front, and a flat on the other side from excessive tire wear, and of course, the bent axle. I grabbed the tow strap, and went to rescue the Pinto. No one was around to sit in the Pinto to help it out, so The Subaru was doing all the work. After a few tries, I managed to pull the Pinto free, with a flat, a donut, and a bent wheel on a patch of ice, at 7000 rpm in reverse and a hole in the radiator. (Goddam!) My mom was tired of me having cars all over the yard, so she had the poor thing towed away. It brings a tear to my eye, there being no other car like it. It is now my lifelong Quest to have another Subaru Wagon Copyright 2005 Miles Fox

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