NNL East Model Car Show 2012

This year I did not bring anything to the tables. But there was a ton of models and sorts of goodies. Venders where awesome. Next years theme is Resin Rules with a sub theme of VANS! How cool is that. Look for part 2.

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GTO wreck in 1/25

Radio Control Show // Rc-Cars // RC- Trucks 1:8 // RC Trucks 1:10; "1:1" // Tamiya
Endlich hat es geklappt das Video in 16:3 hoch zu laden. Trucks in einer liebevollen Miniaturlandschaft umgeben. Super gemacht. Firmen wo man die 1/ 8 Bausätze beziehen kann. Ist aber von 2003 http://www.rc-lkw.buport.de/link_code/mb_firmen.php Finally, it has worked out the video to upload in 16:3. Trucks in a loving miniature landscaped gardens. Well done.

NNL East Model Car Show 2012 Part II
Part 2 of NNL East Model car show in Wayne New Jersey.

Model Car Show Dallas tx
L.U.G.K ,Down2Scale,Dynasty, representing in Arlington Tx..