2008 DeAnza Autocross: Porsche 914-6

2008 DeAnza Autocross. 1973 Porsche 914-6. 2.7liter 911 motor, modified suspension, hoosier tires, Quaife rear end, and much more. Turned a 53.6 (Could have done better. Was off my game.)

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1973 Porsche 914 Experimenting with hammerforming Part 2
Really this video is about using my hammer forms to press form a part.

Porsche 914/6.MP4
Trockeneisreinigung Porsche 914/6

Porsche 911 1968 Rear suspension Part 1.wmv
This will be a 2 part series on the reset of my rear suspension - a heavy technical talk. The job is a fairly straightforward task, but does take a lot of time as getting the ride height right is all down to trial and error. There are many variables affecting the ride height, like torsion bar diameter, tyre diameter tolerance, loading on the axle and tyre pressures. The second part follows in a few days. This clip has been edited with Windows Live Movie Maker and so doesn't have any nice fades or dips to black. This is because Adobe have arbitrarily stopped supporting the Premier Pro version I was using. This means they switch it off for all users. I'm very pissed about it as I had bought the package outright, not leased it.

porsche 914 rear caliper
rear brake caliper