ЗИЛ 131 (Двигатель ЯМЗ-236)

V6 Привет, Если вы можете prenumeruokit/subscribed/подписчики спасибо :)) http://www.youtube.com/user/Roxxxlt

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Газ 66, вот это настоящая машина, Хаммер отдыхает!)
Хаммер нервно курит в сторонке.

Rat Rod 4x4 build
1935 4x4 project air ride from 0 to +12 tires are 44 inch on the back 39 front Dana 5.13 gear back front 4.56 4L80E tranz LS Engine This is as work is in process.... Music from... "Fantasy Dream Orchestra-El Bueno el Feo y el Malo", sound recording administered by: IODA

ZIL 131 MAGNUM - a unique project
Making of ZIL 131 MAGNUM -a ZIL 131 with EFI and a turbocharger. No internal modifications were made to the engine and the engine wasn't taken apart for further examination. Only thing we changed were the intake manifold gaskets! Soundtrack: PPK, Resurrection