Another Yellow Fiero GT

My first contribution to YouTube... bear with me. I saw the 2004 YELLOWFIERO and thought it was mine (at first) you'll see a few differences. Enjoy. Sorry they are 'stills'.

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85 Feiro GT V6 2.8L Fully Rebuilt
My Car

The kill
Killing the 2.8 liter v6 in an 85 Fiero GT. The rattling that is constant through the video is a bad camera mount.

First time at the track with my supercharged Fiero
I took my Supercharged Fiero to Edgewater in Cleves, Ohio for my first runs at the track. I ran a total of 4 runs. This is my best run, with a time of 13.53 at 101. The others were 13.55, 13.67, and 13.75, all round 101mph. I was impressed, since I was hoping for 13.8s. The engine is the L67, 3800 Series II Supercharged from a 2003 Grand Prix GTP. The only mods are 3" FWI, 3" custom Exhaust and tune. She Dyno'ed 208RWHP/240RWTQ, at 102 degrees outside. My ET calc says that I am around the 240WHP mark to be getting the times I am getting. The temp at the track was 76 degrees.

Pontiac Fiero donuts.
Pontiac Fiero donuts. yellow V6