1981 Lincoln Town Car Brake Stand Burnout.

You asked for it, you got it.

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Everyone loves a Good Burnout.. Unfortunately they don't always go according to plan with Tyre Fires, Rods Out or the dreaded Wall Hit.. Here's a compilation of some of the best action I've filmed over the past 12 months...

1984 Lincoln Town Car Update (Lincoln Fun)
10/08/09 Update on the Lincoln. owners of the storage area or gone until the 12th, so I'm waiting for them to get back so i can pull it out of storage. I will be posting a video of getting it running and it's first cruise of '09 soon :). If anyone has any suggestions on what i should do with it/ to it, write me a comment below or post a video response.

Why Won't My Truck Do a Burnout?
I have a 2012 Sierra with a 5.3L motor, 6 speed tranny, 3.42 gears, Goodyear Eagle LS-2 P275/55R20's, custom tune, true dual Exhaust and a K&N CAI. I've put it in 2wd, disabled the traction control and StabiliTrak (StabiliCrap) by pressing the button on the dash, manually put it in 1st, pulled the ABS fuse and put it in tow assist mode but it refused to spin the tires even a little. It'd only rev up to around 2000 rpm while pressing the brake and gas. I've seen it done on Youtube before. The throttle response is shit and the truck is just plain gutless until it hits 4k RPM's. Torque Management is disabled according to the tuner but still feel the power being cut while offroading it. Performance upgrades: TruckExhaustKits.com 2.25" Aluminized Steel Dual Exhaust Kit Ebay.com Flowmaster Super 40 Series Muffler Dual Inlets 2.50", Dual Outlets 2.50" AutoAnything.com, K&N 77 Series Metal Intake Kit Diablewtune.com DiabloSport Trinity T1000 tuner Installing the custom tune: https://youtu.be/2ZmZvDbIT6I Check out these other videos I've taken of the truck: K&N Cold Air Intake Installation: https://youtu.be/PnnKXpjup7A Sound of before and after intake install: https://youtu.be/BZMO9mlhcdI 120 MPH Run: https://youtu.be/FghFkRxrQjc Exhaust Sound Flyby's and Hard Acceleration: https://youtu.be/31QPxQ2oSf4 SVM Mobility Door Opening Demo: https://youtu.be/HttRLWBs7gQ

1981 Lincoln Update: Getting Creative.
Cheap replacement parts and a little know-how.