John Shepherd 7.85@182

John Shepherd 7.85@182 during Nopi at MIR

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John Shepherd
proof ts street driven

John Shephard Video
This is a video cut together of John Shepherd racing his AWD Talon. I can't take credit for this video, I had it on my computer and couldn't find it on the net so I uploaded it. Song is Saliva - Survival of the Sickest.

John Sheppard's Eagle Talon 8 Second Talon 8.9 @ 151 Emptying my hard drive of car vids I have had for years. I did not film this video. Just here to share it.

2011 DSM Shootout - John Shepherd blows Pressure relief panel in Manifold.
As Spilner would say "Danger to manifold", John Shepherd blows the manifold pressure relief panel on the back upon launch.