93 Acura Legend 0-60mph

93 Acura Legend With Magna flows Comment what you think Is It fast or slow??I go 110mph on this video

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92 Acura Legend 0-60
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1994 Acura Legend
First attempt, of a few to come, to find out how fast my old ride can reach 60 miles per hour.

Acura Legend 6 speed Acceleration 0-60 mph
My 1993 Acura Legend 6 speed with type 2 engine. Was wondering how fast these are in 0-60 but couldn't find a video so made my own. Car is bone stock. Just has an OBX muffler. CEL code is due to one bad o2 sensor. Runs even better after I replaced it. I would say somewhere between 5.4~5.7 sec 0-60. I had 2 people inside, and road was even. The car is up for sale.