Caliber SRT-4 13.5 quarter mile

This was my best quarter mile run @ Speedworld in Phoenix AZ on 05-01-2009.

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Caliber SRT-4 with Mopar stage 1, 1/4 mile
Sorry for the cut out but i messed up on the editing so thats all i got. i'm going to try another 1/4 mile whe i get a chance thanks.

Caliber SRT4 Quarter mile
Fastest run 13.7 @104.4mph. MS1K flash and intake and Exhaust. Stock turbo and Intercooler.

Lil Viper becomes worlds 2nd quickest Caliber SRT4
Lil Vipers first time out and he becomes the worlds 2nd quickest Caliber SRT4. Expect this car to run 10s next time out. 11.40@126

12 Second Caliber SRT4
Here is a very fast Caliber SRT4, that's all that needs to be said.