Ford Falcon XR8 Ute Advertisement

I think this is from around 2000 and features Ross McGlashen' s rocket car racing the XR8 on the salt flats.

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A new spot via JWT Melbourne.

Ford Falcon ute TV commercial (Australia) - 2002
In this Ford ad, a Falcon (BA) ute is chased by a fleet of Toyota Avalon police cars and helicopters. Aired in October 2002, the ad pokes fun at the new regulations at the time which prohibited car advertisements from depicting speeding or other kinds of dangerous driving.

Holden-Ford Tug-Of-War (Waipiata Ute Muster 2008)
A Holden and a Ford Ute take on each other in a tug-of-war at the 2008 Waipiata Ute Muster. Note: this is not an official activity at the muster.

Falcon RTV Ute Ad - "Flooded it mate?"
The ad that started the "flooded it mate?" phrase in Australia. Apparently the RTV ute is unbelievable across rugged terrain.