Menzi Muck vs. Panzer

In der Welt der Wunder Sendung präsentierte sich der Menzi Muck A91 in einem Duell gegen einen Panzer. A German television program of science and technology, is comparing a Menzi Muck and a BMPin varios tasks.

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Excavator in deep shit - Heavy Recovery - Terribärgarn - Sweden
At Håkanbo North Lingbo in Sweden a excavator is stuck in the mud. With a Scania 970 from 1962 and a Heavy wrecker from Thorson´s i Uppsala, Terribärgarn helps the excavator up on safe ground. After one week the excavator was at work again. Follow Terribärgarn on Facebook.

Menzi Muck 2006 im Wetten, dass..?
Noldi Schnyder gewinnt die Wette mit dem Menzi Muck. Er klettert über einen 5 Meter hohen Betonklotz. Menzi Muck wins a live show, when the swiss excavator operator climbs a 5 meter concrete wall.

COLMAR - T10000FSC Rail/Road Loaders (2005)
COLMAR rail/road loaders are used for the construction and maintenance of railway lines. The machines can be equipped with different accessories: rail pincers, hydraulic or mechanical frame beam for moving sleepers; tamping unit; pincers for different usage; hydraulic hammer; hydraulic bush-grass cutter. COLMAR rail/road loaders are made of a strong electro welded steel and actionned by hydraulic systems realized with high quality components. The loaders are complete with security systems and are homologated to work in different countries.

3-Wegebagger - 3-way excavator Menzi Muck A91 4x4 plus
Menzi Muck A91 4x4plus als Gleisversion beim Ein- und Ausspuren und Montieren Menzi Muck A91 4x4plus as a track version driving in an out the tracks