NOVEL Full Exhaust Sound LEXUS IS F②

NOVEL 等長エキマニ+センターパイプ+リヤマフラーのフルエキゾーストサウンドです。

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NOVEL RC F Touge Drift!!
NOVEL RC F プロモーションビデオ in 群サイ!!

NOVEL Headers&Exhaust system for LEXUS IS F 等長エキマニサウンド!!
NOVEL Headers&Exhaust system for LEXUS IS F NOVEL 6-15, Jotodori, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8441, Japan TEL +81-58-214-6678 FAX+81-58-214-6679 mail: HP:

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2016Nurburgring VLN7 Team NOVEL LEXUS IS F
2016 Nurburgring VLN7 Team NOVEL LEXUS IS F Opening lap.