El Mirage Speed Runs

May 6, 2007 I went to El Mirage with my friend Gene Woods and had a blast shooting the land speed record cars and bikes. It was my first time on the dry lake and I had a blast. I have a few short clips from this shoot on this channel, but being four years old, they are in low-resolution as that's all YouTube had then. I thought it would be neat to put this cool footage-up in full HD. The SCTA staff were unusually friendly, I showed-up unannounced and they treated me like I was The Network. There's not much footage of runs down the track as I don't have a long enough lens for that, although I did get a cool shot of old Bill Anderson being blown across the lake by the high cross-wind making him knock over an orange boundary cone! This video is for my friend Donald Lowrey.

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El Mirage Runs May 17th 2014
El Mirage dry lake land speed meet, runs captured before wind shutdown, Saturday May 17th.

Billy Hamill Joker Machine Speedwaybike Land Speed Record
Billy Hamill rides Joker Machine's, specially built, Landspeed Record-attempting JRM Speedwaybike. It's a longtrack/grasstrack bike equiped with; monoshock swing arm, rear disc brake actuated with right-hand lever, second shock added to front fork, two speed transmission controlled by left-hand lever,an electronic tachometer, factory souped-up JRM 500CC short-stroke engine and a GPS device on the rear fender to record on-board, actual speed. We also had two radar guns. This occured on August 14, 2009 at El Mirage Dry Lake, Ca. In two weeks: BONNEVILLE! To see the numbers watch the video! ~A

El Mirage Land Speed, May 2013
Dry Lake Bed land speed racing May 2013 in El Mirage, CA. Runs by Mariani Farms, RJ's Big Red rookie run, Womack shatters another record, Delcourt, Black, starting line footage, and of course Bill in the announcers booth.

Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week 2012 Record Attempt 175cc NO $ENSE RACING
No $ense Racing segment 1.2. Racing team attempt at a Land Speed Record in the 175cc Class at Bonneville Slat Flats Speed Week 2012. We are running a 1972 Honda 175cc with a turbo. please follow us through our journey to Bonneville Salt Flats 2012