El Mirage Speed Runs

May 6, 2007 I went to El Mirage with my friend Gene Woods and had a blast shooting the land speed record cars and bikes. It was my first time on the dry lake and I had a blast. I have a few short clips from this shoot on this channel, but being four years old, they are in low-resolution as that's all YouTube had then. I thought it would be neat to put this cool footage-up in full HD. The SCTA staff were unusually friendly, I showed-up unannounced and they treated me like I was The Network. There's not much footage of runs down the track as I don't have a long enough lens for that, although I did get a cool shot of old Bill Anderson being blown across the lake by the high cross-wind making him knock over an orange boundary cone! This video is for my friend Donald Lowrey.

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SCTA El Mirage Dry Lake
SCTA El Mirage Dry Lake November 14, 2015

Documentary: Land Speed Racing at El Mirage Part - 1
• See our Motor-sports Art: http://www.owenartstudios.com See El Mirage Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Li3gwoLXmk El Mirage dry lake event in May 2008. Southern California Timing Association (S.C.T.A.) puts on a great show before the Bonneville meet. Burt Munro-type motorcycle streamliners, lakesters, hot rods, cars and trucks going fast on the Mojave Desert. Thanks for watching -- Beacham Owen and Tom Tuten. Visit the studio - SEE the ART and RACING Photos: http://www.owenartstudios.com El Mirage and S.C.T.A.: http://www.scta-bni.org/

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Gray Ghost Project sets 4 records with 2 Harley Davidson motorcycles at Loring Timing Association in Maine July 2013 Warner Riley, Jim Fischer and Mike Witt prepare for BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials in August on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

SCTA El Mirage dry lakes 1946