Park Brake shoes

Most Chevy Tahoe's & Silverado's from 2000 up have a one piece design park brake shoe. And, it seems to break apart a lot. It's really not a big deal to replace. It may look like the park brake shoe won't come off without taking off the axle, but it will. Be sure to check to see that the backing plate is not rusting to pieces, that's a common problem too. To change the backing plate the axle will have to come out. As long as your backing plates are good, just change the shoes.

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Suzuki Vitara 1
This is another interactive training video. It is on a 2003 Suzuki Vitara 2.0. It came to us and would barely run. This is a 4 video series designed to help an apprentice level tech develop skills in the diagnostic process. I hope you enjoy it.

Turn signal switch
Note: Some vehicles will require you to disable the air bag. These chrysler minivans do NOT require it. It's a pretty easy fix, nothing hard or complicated. If your a do-it-yourselfer and want to save some big money, give it a try. You CAN do it.

Suzuki Vitara 3

Suzuki Vitara 4