Park Brake shoes

Most Chevy Tahoe's & Silverado's from 2000 up have a one piece design park brake shoe. And, it seems to break apart a lot. It's really not a big deal to replace. It may look like the park brake shoe won't come off without taking off the axle, but it will. Be sure to check to see that the backing plate is not rusting to pieces, that's a common problem too. To change the backing plate the axle will have to come out. As long as your backing plates are good, just change the shoes.

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Tahoe rear E brake
Tahoe's have a know problem of the rear brake backing plates rusting out and causing noise. The backing plates must be replaced. Several people seem to find the E brakes don't work after they replaced the backing plate. I've always found the problem is that they lost the pin that is under the adjuster pad. This video should help you identify if that is your problem.

GM 3.8 Engine Noise
This noise is very common on the gm engine but it is often misdiagnosed. Hopefully this video will help you identify the problem and save you time and money.

Suzuki Vitara 1 Runs bad
This is another interactive training video. It is on a 2003 Suzuki Vitara 2.0. It came to us and would barely run. This is a 4 video series designed to help an apprentice level tech develop skills in the diagnostic process. I hope you enjoy it.

Multiple unrelated complaints
Drivers complaint is multiple unrelated problems, all happening at once. ABS & Air bag lights on, speedometer not working, gas gauge not right, blower & windows not working. WHERE DO YOU START. Of course there could be many possible faults. But whenever I see multiple unrelated problems all happening at the same time I suspect a power or ground problem. Don't be scared off or confused by so many problems, start with the easiest to check first and you might just find the fix for the whole thing.