Steve Morris talks about ProCharger

Famed engine builder Steve Morris explains and proves the amazing power potential of ProCharger supercharged motors.

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How does a Procharger supercharger work?
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DADDY DAVE's NEW PROCHARGER !! - Redemption 6.0 No Prep
Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave recently made the switch to a ProCharger from Nitrous and we give you an up close look at the new combo during the Redemption 6.0 No Prep event at Tulsa Raceway Park........ Sorry for not getting more details on the combo, but the last time we ask Dave for an interview he declined. lol

Ram gets a ProCharger [Season 11 Episode 9 PREVIEW]
Airs Velocity: May 6, 2017 Airs MAVTV: May 26, 2017 Everyone needs a little Boost here and there. For some people, coffee does the trick. But here in the GearZ Garage we take our Boost seriously. And we like ours packing 160 HP. Hang on to your seat as Stacey adds a bolt on Supercharger to a Ram 1500 breathes a little excitement into a daily driver. And speaking of things going on in the garage, you’ll definitely want to stick around as Stacey talks shop with the guys at Rebuilding Generations. Learn all about how this mentoring program is teaching the next generation about working on cars and sharing plenty of life lessons. We’ve got a lot going on this week on GearZ.

Supercharge Your Vehicle With ProCharger
Stacey shows off the ProCharger Supercharger for Ram trucks. An easy way to get an extra 130 HP while still running pump gas!