6.2L Diesel Stacks Mudbog!

6.2l chevy diesel with stacks and now a 4 speed standard transmission going through a little mud. he was told to stay left, i guess he didnt know left from right. still a cummins killin machine!

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84 Chev 6.2 Diesel 2011 Taylor Wi. Truck Pull
84 Chev 2011 Taylor Wi. Truck Pull 5700# stock gas / Diesel Give This Guy a Hand. This is a good pull for 6.2 Chev Diesel.

Diesel cold starts 5" stack
Firing up the 6.2...

6.2L does burnout at 2008 NADP August Blackout
6.2L diesel does a burnout with the engine wide open for about 40 seconds. Lucky it didn't blow up!

6.2 diesel cold start
take four, 1989 gmc 2500 5 degree cold start