Nicks Corsa B Audio Project Pt.1

my 2000 plate corsa b from the day of purchase to today with all my mods and upgrades along the way :D ill still be modding and upgrading tastefully from today onwards! Part 1 PART 2:

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Nicks Corsa B Audio Project Pt.2
The second half of my cars project mostly focused on little mods and mostly my new sub box build, check it in action on my channel! serous SPL! thanks for watching BassHeads!

vauxhall corsa b project 2015
my corsa project (red baron) 2015 (merit 1.2 8v) L REG 94 ...56K MILES 4speed .....Hoffman racetube n scorpion Exhaust lowered 60mm on shortened shocks ,steinmetz skirts,smoothboot,gsi front n back bumpers

Corsa B 3.0 V6
Opel Corsa B mit X30XE, mit Übermaßkolben ca 3,1 Liter, ca 220 PS

Corsa B 5 Türer Umbau Teil 1
mal kleines video von meinen klein 5tr und seiner Entwicklung