Supercharged TRD Toyota Tundra Panama City Supercharger

TRD Supercharger being installed on Panama City Toyota Tundra and the results.

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Magnuson Supercharged 2017 Tundra - "Before" and "After" Test Results
This video documents the overall performance improvement of a stock 2017 Toyota Tundra with a 5.7L Flex Fuel Engine after installing a Magnuson Super Charger and being properly tuned by Bully Dog Performance Specialists. For all your Toyota Tundra needs, log on to The "Before" Supercharger Installation Test was performed at 4,774' elevation (Orem, Utah). The 0-60 test was 8.10 sec. The Dyno test was 292 /361 (HP/Torque). The "After" Supercharger Installation Test was performed at 4406' elevation (American Falls, Idaho) with results of 5.17 sec 0-60 and 476/467 (HP/Torque). The overall improvements were 2.93 seconds decrease on the 0-60 and 184/106 (HP/Torque) increase.

supercharged tundra UAE
Abu-Dhabi Style Red Beast :)

Breakaway Dragway Viper vs Tundra
Competition between two truck manufacturers heats up while the Toyota Tundra and Dodge SR-10 take to the track with in-truck cameras. Shot at Breakaway Dragway March 15, 2008. This is before the Supercharger we added to the Tundra.

Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharger, Metallica Style. Ride!
Originally tuned by 2 Brothers Custom Trucks for SEMA Show 2009, Las Vegas. Enhanced by RealAuto LLC in Vladivostok. This truck has 12" lift kit, 24" American Force Custom Wheels, Fab Fours bumpers, Fox Shocks, Go Rhino Bed Bar, Baja Designes Lights, Mettalica aerography on all sides and the mighty 500hp under the hood! Each of these things make this Tundra stand out everywhere. It is a real Show Truck with an amazing performance both on and off road.