FPP ETEC 800 pump gas Trail Turbo versus stock - Full Power Performance

Development testing a Full Power Performance Skidoo ETEC 800R 2-stroke snowmobile low elevation PUMP GAS TRAIL turbo against a stock ETEC 800R in a drag race. Side by side comparison of throttle response and acceleration of the turbo kit to a stock sled in a short distance heads-up drag race. Utilizing an Intercooler and low Boost for premium pump gas low elevation trail riding.

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Full Power Performance Excell Motorsports Turbo Nytro on track dyno
Track Dyno tuning the new Excell Motorsports, Full Power Performance, Hygear Suspension, Woodies, Curve Industries - turbo Yamaha hill drag racer at Coopers Sales and Service, January 2012. Excell's new light weight Nytro chassis with FPP Stage4 RX1 turbo race engine.

2011 Xrs etec 800 vs 1100 turbo
Skidoo etec vs 1100 turbo with mods.. SKI DOO won watch other videos

Test riding the Silber Turbos Ski-doo XM 800 ETEC
Wheel House Motorsports crew riding in Cooke City at 9000' straight 91 pump gas at 7# of Boost. 154" SP. sled only has 200 miles on it and is still in break in.

Skidoo ETEC 800 Silber Turbo XM 154 Snowmobile BRP
www.silberturbos.com 2013 Skidoo XM 154 with Silber turbo