Mazda GLC gets a little refresher!

So today was Saturday, so I rolled the Mazda in to work. She got a new set of CV axles, which thank goodness took care of the driveline lash, which you really felt whilst coasting or shifting... BIG improvement! Now its a joy to drive!! Also painted the wheels black for that 'tuner look' - Now she's ready for her appearance in either the New move: 6 Fast 11 Furious.

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Duta I-MAC di Balapan Retro 1600
SPORTKU.COM - Indonesia Mazda Auto Club (I-MAC) baru saja menggelar hari ajdinya yang ke-9 beberapa waktu lalu. Bertempat di Alam Sutera Serpong, perayaan hari jadi ini dihadiri oleh hampir... baca selanjutnya ()

Mazda GLC
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mazda 323 GLC rotary on highway
Mazda 323 GLC 13B P-Port Playing on the Highway

This Old Car: Mazda GLC Checkup
Popped in to visit Drew. He's the proud owner of the GLC. And he's been taking really good care of it... the chrome is now spotless.. and the brakes have been given attention. Seems to be enjoying it. We just took care of a little oil leak up-top. what a Good Little Car!