How To Recover A Dashboard - Vinyl, Leather

TheCousinDan shows you how to recover a dashboard with new vinyl. Restore old cars and trucks with this handy skill!

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Cracked Dashboard Repair - Padded Dashboard
SUBSCRIBE TO OR CHANNEL, OUR SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER TO RECEIVE PRODUCT INFORMATION AND NEW VIDEO ALERTS! Restoring a Datsun 280Z cracked dashboard that is split down the middle. Step-by-step procedures for restoring your dashboard. You will also learn how to spray texture onto your dash board. The products you need to restore your dash are show and fully explained. PRODUCT LINKS: 1000-A Plastic Cleaner - Airless Plastic Welders - 2050-9 Padded Dash Filler - R10 FiberFlex Rods - 1060 Filler Prep - 1050 Plastic Magic - Waterborne Primers - 3803 Flextex VT -

Leather Vinyl Dashboard Wrap
Follow on social media for more cool projects: Leather vinyl wrapping a dashboard and trim in a Lexus ES330 Link to purchase: .m1555.l2649 Follow on Instagram: @Sulihack

3M Dinoc and 3D carbon fiber vinyl Install Help Video Buy direct from us and save. Please compare our prices with our competitors we cant be beat we purchase direct from major vinyl manufacturers. This product simulates the look of carbon fiber used on auto and motorcycles, also consumer electronics. the possibilities are endless.

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