TEXA Navigatot TXT - IDC4 BMW Coverage

TEXA IDC4 diagnostic software covers very well European cars. Beside the exceptional diagnostic coverage TEXA software offers specific information like wiring diagrams, technical information etc. This video shows the TEXA coverage of a BMW X5 series.

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TEXA IDC4 Citroen C4 Body

TEXA Navigator TXT Diagnostic Tool - Volvo V70R coverage
This video shows the TEXA IDC4 diagnostic coverage of a Volvo V70R. For more info visit: www.obdmonitor.com

Direct Data Texa TX T demonstration
Direct Data's Fraser Montandon demonstrates the all-new Texa TX T diagnostic machine.

EN - New TEXA multi-brand diagnostic tools video 2014
*** Click here for the UPDATED VIDEO!!! *** https://youtu.be/El-ApzGJIyA An overview of company life at TEXA and of its innovative products, developed especially for the Diagnosis, A/C, On-Board Diagnosis, Gas Analysis, Measurements that can be used on vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, agricultural and construction vehicles, boats. http://www.texa.com/products