TEXA Navigatot TXT - IDC4 BMW Coverage

TEXA IDC4 diagnostic software covers very well European cars. Beside the exceptional diagnostic coverage TEXA software offers specific information like wiring diagrams, technical information etc. This video shows the TEXA coverage of a BMW X5 series.

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TEXA Navigator TXTs Coverage - Vehicle Diagnostic Tool
TEXA has created a choice of three advanced interfaces, all implementing innovative technologies, including Bluetooth wireless communication to eliminate unwanted cables around the workshop. In developing these interfaces, TEXA has concentrated on reducing connection times and increasing practicality. Thanks to up to 64 Mb of internal memory dedicated to storing program data, the delay in establishing communications with the vehicle's control can be reduced by over 70%. The NAVIGATOR TXTs is a complete and versatile diagnostic tool that works on cars, motorbikes, ATV, jet skis, snowmobiles, utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles etc. The NAVIGATOR TX range of vehicle diagnostic interfaces are the result of constant research and the development of advanced solutions dedicated to simplifying the work of the technician. The NAVIGATOR TX interfaces are also equipped with automatic internal switching for communicating with control units on different vehicle makes and models without additional adapters. The NAVIGATOR TX interfaces let you perform all common auto-diagnostic tests. Follow Us: https://www.facebook.com/TexaEquipment

TEXA IDC4 Citroen C4 Body

BMW 320i e46 0-Vmax Acceleration
The FULL acceleration test of the stock BMW 320i e46 150 ps лю52TUB20 engine 2000 year (winter tires) Video contains: 0-Vmax run ( sorry for the ML 350 sound on the background and for the open window also ) 0-150 run ( without any strange sounds, only straight-six engine of the 320i ) 2rd, 3rd, 4th, 5th gear pulls from low RPMs ( Dual vanos test ) Results: The max speed is declared 219 km/h ( +-3 km/h the speedos error ) 0-200 km/h in 40 seconds (by speedometer) 0-100 is about 8.8 seconds (by speedo also) Dual vanos is pretty powerful in a low RPMs HD video was shot on the Galaxy S4

Volvo control arm bushing tool - FBR
Volvo control arm front bushing removal. This tool is designed to remove and insall the bushings of front control arms in these Volvo models: S60, S80, V70, V70 XC, XC70 For price and more information about this tool visit: www.v-garage.ca