John Littlejohn featured performance in the 2010 Christmas Jazz band

This is John featured in the song "Driving that drum machine" in the Glynn Middle School 2010 Christmas concert. Go John !

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Boston Brass and The Glynn Middle School Band
The Boston Brass performed a benefit concert for the Glynn Middle School Band on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at the Glynn Academy Auditorium in Brunswick, GA after working with the kids earlier in the day. The Glynn Middle School Band played "Shipwrecked" and then joined the Boston Brass in "An Epic Expedition". Boston Brass ( rocked the auditorium with other classic, holiday, and jazz selections. Be sure to see either or these fine groups of musicians soon!

John Littlejohn - Chicago Blues Festival - Part 3 (1991)
John Littlejohn (guitar), Aron Burton (bass), Sam Lay (drums), Billy Rider (harmonica)

John Little John
John Little John

John Littlejohn, C. Bell, L.Burton, W. Kent & C. Jones - Live Audio 'Bloody Tears'
John Littlejohn (guitar & vocals), Carey Bell (Harp & vocals), Willie Kent (bass), Larry Burton (guitar) & Casey Jones (drums) performing "Bloody Tears" - Live at The Pit Inn (Tokio, Japan) 1981 December 22