- Corvette at Spa - TrackIR v5

I will make another Spa video, this was just for fun and to show how TrackiIR can work. I get kind of disoriented with TrackIR and racing games, but I would 100% recommend it for flight sims.

More Videos... - 5 Monitors at 9600x1080 running 5 monitors at 9600x1080 or 10020x1080(AMD bezel compensation) using a 6870 Eyefinity 6 Edition video card. Right now I have "Render 3 Screens Separately" enabled, but the angle doesn't look right on the outer monitors. This will be fixed when iRacing adds a "Render 5 Screens Separately" feature. Graphics are turned down to level 3 and I don't believe I have any shadows on. FPS was pretty consistent at 84, but it did drop down to the 60s at times. I didn't notice any stuttering or tearing.

iRACING 120Hz test (Radical SR8 - Lime Rock) Acer H5360 DLP projector
Testing in 2D mode Acer H5360 @120hz refresh rate and fixed 120 fps.

Track IR Review for Sim Racing
Sim Racing Tonight puts the Track IR by Natural Point thru the paces. Can it hold up to heavy duty Sim Racing?

X-Plane Simulator with TrackIR and Saitek Cessna Pro Flight Controls
Here's a picture of the headset/trackclip pro mount: (3) 24" monitors running off of a NVIDIA 690 on a quad core PC with 16gb RAM. (6) Saitek Flight Instrument Panels Saitek Throttle/Prop/Mixture Panel Saitek Radio Panel Saitek Cessna Yoke and Rudders Saitek Trim Control Saitek Cessna Start/light panel Roughly $6000. The biggest ticket item was the GTX690 ($999), and the three monitors ($324 each). We have about $1600 into the rest of the PC (512g SSD, 3.9ghz Intel Core i7-3770K, 16gb 1600mhz RAM). The Saitek components are pretty reasonable, the FIP displays add up though. Here is a table of my spreadsheet, it doesn't include the cost of the GTX690, or the PC, or a few misc things like the keyboard. | Item | Qty | Cost | Total | |:-------|:------:|-------:|--------:| | [Saitek CES432100002/02/1 Pro Flight Cessna Yoke System]( FAEAS) | 1 | $165.78 | $165.78 |[Saitek X52 Pro Flight System Controller]( 00LQ4HTS) | 1 | $138.99 | $138.99 |[Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Rudder Pedals]( FADEA) | 1 |$177.23 |$177.23 |[Saitek CES432110002/06/1 Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel]( AFI4)|1|$44.99|$44.99 |[Pro Flight Instrument Panel]( | 6 | $123.38 | $740.28 |[Saitek PRO Flight Radio Panel]( |1 | $120.52 |$120.52 |[Saitek PRO Flight Switch Panel]( | 1 | $79.52 | $79.52 |[TrackIr 5 Premium Head Tracking for Gaming]( 029M6VKA) |1 | $145.00| $145.00 |[Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700]( 2E) |1 | $69.15| $69.15 |[Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Stereo PC Gaming Headset]( |1| $57.24 | $57.24 |[Playseat Flight Seat]( 02IXC8NO/) |1 | $499.00| $499.00 |[ASUS PA248Q 24-Inch LED-Lit Super-IPS Professional Graphics Monitor]( cs/dp/B008DWH00K)| 3| $323.82 | $971.46 |[Saitek PRO Flight TPM System]( |1 | $129.92 | $129.92 |**Total** | | |$3,339.08