My corsasport pulling up!

Not me driving it BTW :)

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450hp STi vs the world
Rode with a friend last week in his 450hp STi and we raced everything we could have fun with: 430hp Evo 9 - e85, stock turbo ~550hp 2011 GT500 Shelby 460hp Terminator swapped fox body ~500hp 3Dx Evo X A WRX and a Z06 as well Quite the night! :) Oh... the anti-lag DOES work, damn.

Opel Corsa drifting and CRASH by Amon Oliver

first ride after 10 weeks modification...

Corsa Yoshi + 165/40 + Teto Solar + Fixa! ValeTuning
### Assista em HD / Compartilhe ### Corsa apelidado como "Yoshi" + Rodas 17" + Suspensão Fixa by RKS Suspensões + Pneus 165/40 + Teto Solar ! Curtam: