Road Rage on I10 Louisiana

The chase in this video took place last Friday night (Dec 3rd, 2010) on our way to New Orleans. My family and I where in the so called slow-lane (IE. the right lane), and the vehicles involved in the road rage where in the fast (left) lane. Anybody who has traveled between Lafayette, LA and New Orleans, LA by vehicle coming from Houston, TX will have to cross what I like to call the bridge from HELL. It is 28 miles long, has only 2 exits and it is 2 lanes in both directions with little or no shoulders to pull over on ... also unless you are a very good swimmer or can walk on water, don't have an accident and land in the water, you will be dinner for sure for the alligators that reside below the bridge (or other critters. Anyway, moving on ... The 2 vehicles in the video in the left lane (1 pickup and 1 mini cooper) decided they wanted to play road rage and not care who would die. And the truck in the right lane was also at fault since he would not let the mini move over. So you see several times how the truck is riding the mini's bumper close to 1 inch away. There where also several times that the pickup tried going around to the left of the mini, (FYI there was less than 3 feet of clearance and he would've definitely wrecked) but thankfully thought it would've been a real bad idea. In the end the truck got around, but they still continued there rage for probably another 10 to 15 miles. My wife did call the police and they intercepted them several miles up the road. The cool thing was that I had shot this video and my wife shot another video on her phone and when we saw the police and the vehicles, both officers looked at both footages shot and used it to actually issue extremely reckless driving tickets to both drivers involved. Also a 2nd ticket was issued to the truck tailing the cooper because when he finally got around the cooper, he threw something at the cooper which I also captured on video. Check it out and see what we saw and agree that all it would've taken was for the cooper to hit it's breaks and that bridge would've easily been shutdown for a period of time with injuries and a pretty good chance of a casualty or two. Enjoy.

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