1957 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine

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Very beautiful Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 Sedan of 1957! V8 Sound, Warm up
Hier ein wunderschöner fast fertiggestellter Cadillac Fleetwood von 1957 in der Chauffeursvariante. Hinten im Fond, mit Klimanlage im Dach für den Chauffeur und Radio sowie Uhr um ihn herum. Die weit zu öffnenden Türen kennzeichnen diesse besondere Bauform der Karosserie. Auch der schöne Schwung der Formgebung sowie die üppige Ausstattung an Chrom lassen das Fahrzeug in einem ganz besonderen Licht darstehen. Viel Freude beim Schauen wünscht euch euer Andrees-Kfz-Team aus Wardenburg!

cadillac (serie 75) 1954

1958 Cadillac Limousine Series 75.
I grew up with limousines. Because of my family's position in Cuba when I was a child, we sometimes were transported to special events and school, mostly in Chrysler Imperials and sometimes a Cadillac Series 75. Years later we had Rolls Royce business we often had Rolls Royce Limousine's and consequently we used them to take our children to school. I am certain that it changed their lives too. When I saw the car presented here it brought back many memories. These were custom built production cars, the availability of including unlimited options was unprecedented. The fit and finish was so far above Cadillacs regular production line that it could be said they were a completely different car. With a wheelbase of 149 inches, space was not compromised neither was comfort, The more common Series 60 with a 133 inch wheelbase is no small car either, but the sum of the differences withe the Series 75 put it into a different real and in my opinion a completely different car. It is easier to mention the shared parts; front fenders,hood and bumper, at the rear, bumper and the trim for the taillights and fins, In between every part was completely different, From the roof and glass to the front seat and partition this was a very special car. If you notice the difference between the Sedan and the Limousine is the partition. I think it is a shame that the manufacturers stop making limousines and gave that business away to the aftermarket. With so many major metro areas have set standards for vehicles that are used as airport Limousines That these days they are all becoming SUV's to meet the interior comfort standards. I wish Chrysler would make a version based on the 300. Model years 1957--1958 Assembly Detroit, Michigan, USA Body style Series 70: 4-door hardtop[ Series 75: 4-door sedan 4-door limousine Layout FR layout Platform Series 75: D-body Engine 365 cu in (6.0 L) OHV V8 Transmission 4-speed Hydramatic automatic Wheelbase Series 70: 126.0 in (3,200 mm) Series 75: 149.7 in (3,802 mm) Length Series 70: 216.3 in (5,494 mm) Series 75: 1957: 236.2 in (5,999 mm) 1958: 237.1 in (6,022 mm) Width Series 70: 78.5 in (1,994 mm) Series 75: 1957: 80.0 in (2,032 mm) 1958: 79.9 in (2,029 mm) Height Series 70: 55.5 in (1,410 mm) Series 75: 1957: 63.7 in (1,618 mm) 1958: 61.6 in (1,565 mm) Curb weight 5,500--5,700 lb (2,500--2,600 kg) Designer(s) Harley Earl

1962 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Limo
1962 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine Can you say potential? Some may not see it but if you have that creative streak you know this classic has an awesome future. Whether you are hobbyist looking for a fun garage project or a builder contemplating that next wild custom this car is perfect. The 1962 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine had to have been the ultimate sign of luxury because not only were you cruising around in a Cadillac, you had a driver. The body on this classic is very solid and painted and off Black with fine Gold metal flake. These cars had a lot of stainless trim which you will find all in place and cleanly mounted. The large front and rear chrome bumpers are also there and have a good shine. There are a lot of windows on this classic, all of which is in good condition with a slight tint. All of the exterior electrical is working properly with the lenses nicely mounted in those cool classic fins. The car has the fender skirts mounted on both sides in the rear and can easily be added or removed. It sits on original style wheels with hubcaps which are wrapped with thin white wall tires. If you frequent car shows we are sure you have heard the saying "if cars could talk, the stories they would tell." Well you have to think this classic Limousine has a very unique story. Most limousines were produced by outside companies who would cut and stretch cars they bought from manufacturers. According to our sources these were one of the few cars actually created in house by GM due to the smaller approximately 2 foot stretch. After being produced it was sure to have escorted around some pretty interesting people especially if it was really used at Carswell Air Force base as we suspect. You can even see footage of similar Limousines being driven around when JFK himself landed in Fort Worth. Even more interesting is the bullet hole found in the right rear bumper. We are sure creative minds could come up with all kinds of stories about this classics history but with our limited records we will just say it gives it character. Roaring to life under the steel hood of this Caddy is a 490 V8 that was rebuilt 500 miles ago. It may not be decked out with chrome but it still runs strong. It is backed with an automatic transmission that shifts smoothly with no issues. The brakes have also just been rebuilt. With a little cosmetic work here and in the interior this car could be a hit at every car show. Or if rat rod is more your style hop in and drive it as it is! The interior is all the original cloth that is certainly showing its age. Everything is there though including the original style pull out seats. In true limousine style it has the driver/passenger partition which still has the original clock and ashtrays. The dash is all original as well with the correct style knobs, switches, and gauges. The car has dual front and rear AC units which are both mounted but need servicing. It came from the factory with power windows which are still working properly. If you haven't already called your car buddy to start drawing out ideas for this classic then you are missing out! Check it out at Classical Gas Enterprises (682) 429-1010 www.classicalgasmotors.com and remember "There's A Future In The Past With Classical Gas"