E55 amg vs S/C Jeep SRT8

Stock e55 Dynoed at 411whp Supercharged SRT8 around 600HP was on street tune here

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Corvette z06 vs srt-8 jeep
Me and my brother on jeep srt-8!! Vs corvette z06 at stop light, the z06 was not able to keep up with the srt-8 take off!!

Pontiac GTO G8 6.0L VS Mercedes E55 AMG
Modded Lumina SS "Pontiac G8" coupe headers+intake +tune VS modded E55 AMG headers+intake+tune

درفت كلزلر في الدره
كلزلر SRT8

E55 AMG vs SRT8 300C
E55 AMG vs SRT8 300C