aero turbine exhaust

aero turbine Exhaust

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Aero Turbine Dodge Stealth Exhaust
Aero Turbine Exhaust on a 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T. The car has a high flow cat on it, running to a 2.5 in/out Aero turbine muffler. The pipe splits to dual 2 inch pipe and then routes out to dual 3.5 inch tips. The muffler is a glorified straight pipe. Video was taken on my cell phone, so sorry about the quality. Sounds way better in person. but enjoy anyway. Please feel free to comment with your opinions.

MVI 1465
flowmaster dual Exhaust

Ford Mustang V8 with dual Aero Turbine 2540i mufflers

2007 Mustang GT Stock Exhaust vs. Aero Exhaust
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