aero turbine exhaust

aero turbine Exhaust

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mercury marauder exhaust aero turbine at2525
2003 Mercury Marauder with aero turbine Exhaust, stock Exhaust just changed mufflers

2006 mustang gt MRT aero turbine axleback
2006 Mustang gt with MRT Aero-turbine axle-back Exhaust, rpms only taken to 2800. Calgary Alberta

Audi RS4 Aero turbine mufflers Plymouth Quincy Westport
2007 Audi RS4 with step by step install. The customer orginally had the factory resonators removed prior to the mufflers being installed, after the mufflers were installed the car was too loud and had lous custom Exhaust of plymouth reinstall the factory resonator. Lou's Custom Exhaust in Plymouth, MA

ZDayZ 2015 Exhaust Competition
This is my footage from the ZDayZ 2015 Exhaust Competition, edited to cut out some of the lull between cars To address a lot of the comments: 1) This is just one event of many at the annual ZDayZ festival in the mountains of North Carolina. ZDayZ is a huge event built around the Z car but open to all (you'll find a lot of different makes and models there.) 2) The rules of the Exhaust competition say you can't spin the tires or do burnouts... That's why you see a lot of drivers taking off gingerly. Not everyone follows the rules, of course!