Senna vs Schumacher - 1992 Brazilian Grand Prix

The battle of Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher at Interlagos, at the start and early part of the race before Senna retired with engine cutout problems. After the race, Schumacher was upset over the incident in which Senna waved him through and passed him again at the end of the straight, thinking he was taunting him, however Senna's engine was intermittently cutting out. This further lead to the argument between Senna and Schumacher in France where Senna told Schumacher to come to him first if he had a problem instead of criticizing Senna to the media as he did in the post race press conference in Brazil.

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Senna's tough row with Schumacher
The very angry Senna's quarreling with Schumacher after the German put him out of the race. Senna (heatedly) to Schumacher :

Schumacher's reaction right after Senna's death
He was visibly in shock and in disbelief. Schumacher :

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