Highway crusing in my 78 Dodge Power Wagon W200 4X4 400BB

I got out the camera to film me driving my Power wagon during a 800 mile trip from Dallas, Texas to Omaha, Nebraska. Only was doing 55mph to get the best mpg's plus the old big block was purring along at 2750 rpm's at 55!! Just a sweet old truck that I'm not afraid to take anywhere! :)

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1978 Dodge Power Wagon 150 4x4
Walk around and start up of a 1978 Dodge Power Wagon. It's a short box regular cab 4x4 with a 360 and a manual transmission.

1978 Dodge PowerWagon Tour #1
Tour #1 of my Brother's 413 Cubic Inch 1978 Dodge PowerWagon W150. All numbers match with some extra performance goodies added to original 400 wedge engine to get horsepower up to 483 and torque to 575 Foot pounds!! Wow! I'd install this motor into a little car and beat a vette with it!

Intro - 1978 Dodge Power Wagon (PW)
I am going to do various video subjects. This may end up being like a vlog. At the very least, I will chronicle the work on the Power Wagon.

1974 Dodge W200 4x4 Clubcab, just bought it, hear it run, 1st video, no restoration.
I bought this truck last night, here is a video of it running and what not. Sorry for the quality of the video, cheap video camera and I suck at taping. Anyhow, 360 engine, runs solid, needs restoration. Watch for my next videos and see the progress. Comments are welcome and advice on where to get replacement parts for it would be appreciated.