Highway crusing in my 78 Dodge Power Wagon W200 4X4 400BB

I got out the camera to film me driving my Power wagon during a 800 mile trip from Dallas, Texas to Omaha, Nebraska. Only was doing 55mph to get the best mpg's plus the old big block was purring along at 2750 rpm's at 55!! Just a sweet old truck that I'm not afraid to take anywhere! :)

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1977 Dodge Power Wagon

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78 dodge cummins powerwagon
1978 dodge powerwagon with a intercooled turbo 5.9 cummins w/ overdrive trans, dana axles. driven daily getting 20mpg, 300hp - 700 ft-lbs, body is being restored in winter of 09, this not a body swap truck, that can be possable by almost anyone.... it is the orginal frame............................

ICON Dodge Powerwagon D200 Final Review
This video shows you the details and craftsmanship that the team at ICON applies to our work. This particular vehicle is what we call an ICON Reformer, where we integrate modern mechanic systems and hide them under a vintage restored body with tons of redesigned and custom details.Thanks for your support! JW www.icon4x4.com